Book & AudioPack

Snouffles – Stories for Confidence and Peace By Catherine Deans



The book and the Audiopack.

The book includes all six stories with full explanations, how to make best use of them and follow-up activities.

The Audiopack complements the book. It is a recording of all six stories, enabling you to listen along with your child/children.

These stories bring greater self-awareness and understanding of thought processes and emotions. They show how we can take steps to change our thinking and transform the difficult emotions into more pleasant ones. All of this, beautifully delivered through the experiences of the Snouffles.

Each story begins with a relaxing visualisation; a journey to meet with Meelo, your child’s guide to the adventures of the Snouffles.

Let Meelo and the Snouffles help your child to find confidence and peace.

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